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It gives the central thrust of his life, the unalterable core of his thinking, the gist of his creative intentions; but much has moved on since then. Major tenets of twentieth-century living are being harried, proved nonsensical, torn to shreds and given to the winds as the millennium (by Western calculations) grips and the twenty-first century bundles its way in, with the most unpleasant expressions of bad will and bloody-mindedness.


Gregory sensed in the nineteen-fifties that the end of the Renaissance was nigh and that an unavoidable, collective sliding-down from that mountainous peak, whose rocky ancestry stretched back to Mesopo- tamia and the time of Gilgamesh, would carry the whole world into the screes below, each lump of no more size or importance than the next.


The end of one vast mountain-range, though, implies the possibility of another. There is no knowing for sure. The future is always shrouded in mist.

The calls for Armageddon (and the wishful calls to action by powerful bodies desperate to bring it about); the pollution of much of daily living; the sheer stupidity of leadership: all these may ensure that Earth has nowhere further to go. Bodies that are all-mind hanker for a new start on Mars or whatever other planet has a hint of maybe-water. The ordinary (the sustaining state of all existence) knows that no such anti-solution is for it. It has to believe that, through the obscuring mists, there is another mountain-range worth its reaching up to. There may be floods and poisoned patches to struggle through, simply to have a touch of the foothills; but once the urge for survival overcomes the jaundiced carpings of today's defeated icons, then the very screes that have dumbed down the voices of all struggling people will be seen to harbour the seeds from which the symbols and ideas and shapes and practices of a positive (if, inevitably, paradoxical) future will emerge.


A swirl of change is already disconcerting every living entity. Its speed is murderous. The real change though is deeper - and slower. It is happening beneath consciousness, coming up from within every breath and every heart-beat.

Now is schismatic - maybe the most telling moment in the whole story of the living entities depending on the survival of their home planet. Now is a seed-time, from which the future health of this air-bound rock will grow.

RGG [BRACKETS] is both a commentary on the substance (and the gaps in the substance) of TOWARDS A CATHEDRAL OF OHS (the ordinary human spirit) and a way of probing forward into the mist.


It is a seed amongst millions. Sow your own!