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Epilogue Prologue Extract from IMPERFECT EDEN (long poem) Poems of all Shapes and Sizes A Scatter of Poems (Dorset) Extracts from ARIES: TAYLOR WAKES UP (play) Extracts from THE GROUP DREAM (story analysis) THEATRE CREDO Thirteen (thirteeners) ROUGH GOING (long poem) Extracts from Plays (74-76) Dorset Building Raising the Building from THROUGH THE CIRCLE (thesis) My Cuttings (photo-play) Extracts from Plays;  STRUGNELL'S WORLD Poems from Shropshire Uganda Writing (Poem and English Block) Uganda-Shropshire - Foundations Laying the Foundations Poems from Hampshire (52-65) Extracts drom Plays (59-64) Scratchings from a deep round pit Early Stories and Poems Hampshire - Discovering the Idea Before Uganda - Discovery and Planning
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